What we offer ...

We Offer ...


Using our expert contacts, we endeavour to achieve the best prices at auction for good items of furniture, clocks, antiques, pottery and artwork. Our clients are given a list of items delivered to the auction and they receive ALL the money gained from the sale.


Furniture, clothing, books, electrical items are distributed amongst local charities and recycling organisations including:

We can deliver to any charity of your choice (or to friends and relatives).

Destruction & Disposal

All waste is disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Any sensitive documents such as bank statements, personal data, passports and driving licences are securely destroyed by crosscut shredding and bailed for recycling.

Clients are issued with transfer documentation (now a legal requirement) which indicates what has been received. This note also contains their environment agency waste carriers licence number, which all companies providing this service should have.

Legal and Social Responsibilities

Why Use C and G Recycling?

You've a lot of decisions to make when thinking about a house clearance but you've already made the most important one by finding us. There are a number of organisations that advertise their house clearance services, but have they got a waster carriers licence and will they try to offer the best options for you?

It's your responsibility to make sure the person you give your personal effects to is reputable and has all the licences and paper work required by law. You have a duty of care to know what happens to your waste and to where you are "authorising" your possessions to go. For example, if an unreputable firm throw away your goods illegally and they can be traced back to the person who bought them and it would be you who would have to stand the fine.

We are registered waste carriers with an up to date licence and we hear a lot of horror stories from clients who tried someone else before coming to us. Don't be another person with a story to tell, just call us today for a simple consultation about how we can help.