What we offer ...

We Offer ...


Using our expert contacts, we endeavour to achieve the best prices at auction for good items of furniture, clocks, antiques, pottery and artwork. Our clients are given a list of items delivered to the auction and they receive ALL the money gained from the sale.


Furniture, clothing, books, electrical items are distributed amongst local charities and recycling organisations including:

We can deliver to any charity of your choice (or to friends and relatives).

Destruction & Disposal

All waste is disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Any sensitive documents such as bank statements, personal data, passports and driving licences are securely destroyed by crosscut shredding and bailed for recycling.

Clients are issued with transfer documentation (now a legal requirement) which indicates what has been received. This note also contains their environment agency waste carriers licence number, which all companies providing this service should have.

Downsizing and Probates

There are many reasons why a house clearance may be needed. It may be you are simply moving house into a smaller property and need to get rid of some of your bulky items of furniture, or perhaps you are moving from a bungalow into a retirement home. It may be that a friend or relative is moving into a care home where they are only permitted to take one piece of furniture and their favourite chair.

Perhaps you've moved into a new property and found the last owner has selfishly left the garage and shed full, or possibly your first visit into the loft gives you an unpleasant surprise as it's full of someone else's bits and pieces.

Even more distressing is when loved one passes away and the house needs clearing to sell. Very often we find ourselves in delicate situations where the sentimental value of items is more important than the actual value at auction.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your clearance you can be assured of a trustworthy, experienced and sympathetic team of staff to guide you through the difficult process.